The quest for happiness is different for everyone.  It matters where they are coming from – their emotional history and where they are at that moment.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
Thomas Merton

This hits the nail on the head for me personally.  I am not an “intense” person… anyone who knows me can tell you that it’s rare when I show extreme passion over any topic (but when I do….watch out!)  So intensely pursuing something in the name of happiness is not in my DNA. Balance, order, rhythm, and harmony are!

Balance: Balance of work and family.  Balance of wake and sleep.  Balance of nice and firm.  Balance of flavors.  Balance in yoga poses. Balance of emotions.

Order: Order in our daily routine.  Order in our home.  Order in our jobs. Order in our brains.  Order in our closets.

Rhythm: Rhythm of music. Rhythm of stories. Rhythm of human interaction. Rhythm of running feet. Rhythm of typing fingers. Rhythm of travelling.

Harmony: Harmony of music. Harmony in our family.  Harmony with others. Harmony of friendship.  Harmony with your creator or all-powerful being. Harmony in the eyes and smile of your child.  Harmony with nature.  Harmony in design. Harmony in style.  Harmony of ingredients in a recipe.

My dear reader, I hope you enjoy this blog. It is my quest to understand what happiness is for me. You might find recipes, book reviews, travel blogs, family moments, and many other yet unforeseen randomness. All of it encompassing happiness – or the understanding of happiness – for me.


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