What we got rid of in May

May was our first venture into minimizing.   Here is what we eliminated… or passed on to better use! Sold our kitchen table on Craigslist for $220.  It’s been sitting in the corner of our living room for over a year, so I think the spending money for our weekend in Santa Cruz was put to much better use than this table lately!  A nice lady who is a nanny took this for her deck. Kitchen Table I sold this Anthropologie purse for $20 on a Facebook group for sales in my neighborhood.  It was originally over $80, but since I got it on sale for $40 and then used it for about a year, I think that was a pretty good return!  And now a nice lady in my neighborhood is loving it. Anthro Purse Carload #1 to goodwill freed up quite a bit of space in our garage and hall closets, as well as my closet and Shaun’s closet: Carload #1 While I was sick with bronchitis I went through our bookcase and found about 10 books to give to my mom, sisters, and a couple friends: Novels #2 Novels #1 I posted our no-longer-desired business books on my work “4sale” email alias and brought in about 6 books to the office for coworkers: Business Books   (The rest of the books will be donated to the library or taken to goodwill.  I need to find out if there are better places to take them.) And to round off the month, one last carload to Goodwill – this cleared up almost the full top shelf of the garage storage. As well as some old sheets, household supplies, and more clothing: Carload #2   For the month of June I’ll be taking care of the rest of the books, sending some clothes for online consignment sales, then tackling the kitchen!