Less is more

They say “Less is More” and now I believe it. I feel so much better without the clutter.  Let me elaborate.

There is less paper to put away each night.

Less toys to walk around or put away.

Less clothes to wash, laundry to fold, or stacks to put away.

Less dishes to wash.

Less food to store.

Less mail to open.

Less furniture [for my housecleaner] to clean.

Less crap to find storage space for in the garage.

Less books to store. And sheets. And towels. And toys. And everything else.

Less decisions about what to wear in the morning.

Less purchases to return.

Less commitments on the schedule.

Less TV shows on my watch list.

Less thoughts about all of the above.

And more thoughts on the things I really care about.  More time reading. More time writing. More time with my family.  More time on family outings or family vacations. More money for family vacations. More interest in the things I really want for my future.

More happiness overall!  Things are so much easier day-to-day, and in the end, that makes me smile and dwell on what really matters.